Grey’s Anatomy: Have they “Jumped the Shark”?

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows where I can give them chance after chance after chance to redeem themselves after horrible storylines just because I remember the good times. It’s kind of like an abusive relationship at this point…I’m starting to get hip to their game, and I’m not sure if I can take … Continue reading

Glee: Why I Can’t Deal with Artie.

This past Tuesday night, I was raging about Artie on my other site. Quite frankly, Glee has to be one of the most progressive shows about High School on TV. They cover various social hot-button issues, in a satisfying way. They give their characters agency, and make some draw some pretty striking conclusions about society … Continue reading

How can we consciously watch TV?

I was speaking to a family friend, who happens to be a Child Psychologist about Television. In previous conversations, she explained how she doesn’t own a TV because she believes everything it has to offer poisons the mind, and that the media is brainwashing everyone, most importantly “our children”. While I agree with her analysis … Continue reading

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