House: “Elementary, my dear Watson!”

House (Fox) is arguably one of the smartest written characters on TV. The show itself is very well written, but I can’t name any other TV character as complex and as multi-dimensional as Dr. House. We’ve seen him through a drug addiction, a love triangle, relationship troubles with his best friend, and a rotating support staff and patient after patient after diagnosed patient. House is a “diagnostician”–a detective.

Did you guys know the creator of House, M.D. (David Shore) admittedly wrote the show to mirror Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes”? There are a number of crazy parallels. The most obvious is House’s name is synonymous with Home and Holmes sounds like home. Silly, right? What about the fact that House’s best friend Wilson, shares a similar sounding name to Watson, who was Sherlock Holmes’ best friend? They’re both detectives, they both fight a drug addiction, they both call all their colleagues by their last names’ (House STILL calls Dr. Cuddy by her last name even though they’re currently dating), etc.

The kicker for me is that Sherlock Holmes lives on 221 Baker Street, and House’s apartment number is 221B.

Delving further into the comparison, House and Holmes both solve their cases methodically and logically. I think this is what makes “House” incredibly entertaining. We, as an audience, are made to believe that Dr. House is some huge asshole, but really, he’s not an ass, he just gets annoyed that everyone around him deals with emotions and he prefers dealing in logical terms. He really could care less about his patients’ feelings, which is what makes him so horribly funny. Sherlock Holmes too held an indifference to to his clients.

Any other comparisons you can think of? If you’re a big House fan, pick up Sherlock Holmes and come up with more parallels!

The most exciting aspect of this season will be seeing if House’s character can develop enough to allow him to have a successful relationship with Cuddy. I think that in his past failed relationships, he wasn’t really allowed to be himself. Either that, or he was pinned under the cloud of drug addiction. Or, it could be both. Regardless, I think that if anyone–aside from Dr. Wilson– is able to put up with House’s antics, while still loving him, its Cuddy. House has literally pushed every single one of Cuddy’s buttons and she keeps pushing back. Is this the formula for a successful relationship?

As far as this week’s patient storyline goes…I’m not big on crying where I know they’re trying to make me cry. Literally, if you remove music from TV shows, there’s usually no emotion. Your emotions, when watching TV, are pulled from within you by the musical score. We’ll get more into this in a later post. Yes, I just forced you to swallow the red pill, you are now freed from the Matrix, that is falling for the emotional traps TV producers/writers set for their audiences. Knowing this, see if you still cry during TV shows.

Anyway, no I did not cry, but I did want to punch those parents square in their mouths. You have a son with a degenerative disease, and you’re so busy throwing fundraisers to find a cure for him that you ignore symptoms of illness in your well daughter?? They should’ve been shot on principle for that. How blind can you be? I don’t know about you guys, but if I sneeze more than 3 times in a row, my mom is shoving vitamins down my throat and forcing me to go to the doctor after 3 days or more of the same symptoms. That, my friends, is good parenting. Sorry to say. But not really.

What did you think about this week’s House episode?

One Response to “House: “Elementary, my dear Watson!””
  1. Rick says:

    Don’t for the fact that House was shot by a character named Moriarty. Holmes’ chief nemesis was Professor Moriarty. Also, Holmes enjoyed music. I seem to remember him playing the violin. House is the same, except he plays the guitar and piano.

    Regardless, good analysis. What begs questioning is whether or not House has come to a logical endpoint as a compelling dramatic character.

    He’s conquered addiction, mental illness, the law (Det. Tritter) and almost every other obstacle set before him. He’s becoming the Superman of TV dramas. No problem powerful enough to stop him.

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