Glee: It’s Britney, Bitch!

I woke up this morning and got excited for tonight’s Brittany/Britney episode of Glee. Poor Brittany (Heather Morris) is just a dim-witted, blonde cheerleader to us so far. TONIGHT SHE GETS TO SHINE AND I CANNOT WAIT! Her one liner delivery is hilarious and its about time we see her star in one or two solo numbers.

Aside from Brittany’s lead role tonight, can we just discuss how AMAZINGLY EXCITING it is for a whole episode of Glee to be dedicated to Britney Spears? I’m more excited than I was for Gaga’s episode. Yes, Gaga is wildly talented, and her avant garde style is breath-taking, but whenever the 13 year old pop-music enthusiast inside of me gets excited for something, my nerves and psyche are  THAT much more affected.

The moment Britney Spears hit the airwaves with “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, my 7th grade self could not believe it. Not yet self-aware, nor as socially conscious as I am now, I immediately wanted to transfer to a Catholic school so I could wear a uniform, only to hike my skirt up, and don pigtails, secured with fluffy pink elastics. I didn’t know how much of a pop-icon she would become, but I knew she’d be something big.

Despite Britney’s fall from grace a few years ago, everyone has to admit that she changed the “music video” forever. MTV’s 1999 VMA’s (9/9/99, who remembers that?) with performances from the pop princess herself, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc was literally the cornerstone of my middle school career.

Everyone my age and maybe a bit younger, remembers the high quality TV entertainment that were the VMAs in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. For those of you who don’t know, the mastermind behind these shows was Executive Producer, Alex Coletti. Every single VMA show he produced was epic, and every single performance he put together was flawless. This dynasty of VMA perfection lasted for five years…until one “mistake” and he fell from grace, and took the VMA ratings with him, along with “Unplugged” MTV’s only other award-winning live music show from the 1990s.

Coletti was also the EP of the infamous Super Bowl XXXV Halftime Show where Justin Timberlake “unknowingly” exposed Janet Jackson’s breast.  Since then, he was pretty much blacklisted from MTV, which was a HUGE MISTAKE because the VMAs have been HORRIBLE ever since. Apparently once you piss off the big executives at Viacom, along with their advertisers, you’re out. Since then, the VMAs Completely un-entertaining and having nothing whatsoever to do with music. The last performance I really loved from a VMA in the past 5 or 6 years, was Gaga’s 2009 performance. We miss you, Mr. Coletti.

I had the opportunity to intern with Mr. Coletti back in college, that’s all I can really say because of MTV’s non-disclosure clauses we have to sign, but it truly was an honor, if you’re reading this.

And that’s the scoop for today…until tonight that is! I’ll be playing Britney all day on my iTunes for the office to be tortured by, and I’ll be working out to “Toxic” and “Stronger”. The moment of truth is at 9pm EST tonight, y’all! GET HYPED!

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