Glee: She’s so lucky, she’s a star.

I think this was the best episode in the history of Glee. Ever. EVER, EVER, EVER. Although it was done in a totally ridiculous way, they managed to successfully include five of Britney Spears’ chart topping hits: Slave For You, Me Against the Music, Hit Me Baby One More Time, Stronger and Toxic (did I get them all??).

Before we get into the amazing musical numbers, can we just discuss how I literally died when John Stamos entered the scene?? OMG. How could they play with my emotions like that? My heart rate was already wayyyy up just in anticipation of the first Britney song, my 13 year old self was giggling wildly with anticipation…and then came UNCLE JESSE. I literally died, once again this week. I can’t.

I’d also like to discuss the AMAZING sound bites in this episode!! I mean there were so many quotable things, I couldn’t even keep track! Please leave any quotes you remembered because I got nothing! I was so deeply mesmerized that I FORGOT to remember. I was laughing every minute and totally eating up the crazy dentist storyline. I also like that they recognized ,within the dialogue, that having the same vision, while under anesthesia is completely impossible. But really, WHO CARES? I was thoroughly entertained!!

My favorite musical number for the entire show had to have been “Me Against the Music” just because I live for Brittany and Santana and I think they are underused. Anyone else getting tired of Rachel and Mercedes totally running the female vocal leads on the show? I AM SO DONE WITH THEM FOR AWHILE. How fierce of  dancers are Brittany and Santana?!

I was literally cackling from Sue’s disdain for the Glee club performing Britney Spears. Her reaction totally mimicked the ridiculous emphasis that right-wing blowhards put on pop music. I mean I grew up with Britney, you don’t see me running around half naked in music videos. Shut up, really.

But of course, all good things come to and end and we begin to ask the tough questions. For example: Was this episode a fluke, or is Ryan Murphy and his team going to go back to having a little bit of continuity? I mean, in regard to the storyline, this episode literally made little to no sense. Is this how it’s going to be with “Themed” episodes only? Let’s hope so.

Also, why did they choose to end with The Only Exception? Who cares about Paramore and Easy Listening WHEN YOU COULD HAVE REACHED A BOOMING BRITNEY SPEARS CLIMAX?! In my head, they should have ended with Rachel singing “Lucky” solo. It would have been perfect with the created storyline, it would have fit into the Britney theme, and it would have left a cliffhanger about Rachel and Finn’s relationship.

“If there’s nothing, missing in my life, then why do these tears come at night?”

These lyrics perfectly describe Rachel’s dilemma right now. She wants to be a starlet, but also wants to maintain the relationships around her. How can she do this? How can she maintain a healthy balance between her future career and her relationship with Finn? LUCKY WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT AND I WOULD HAVE SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED INTO A GIANT PLUME OF HOT PINK AND GOLD GLITTER JUST LIKE BRITNEY THROWS ON THE TOP OF THE MOON. This would have been a perfect ending.

So, congratulations Ryan and the boys and girls of Glee….you’ve reached near perfection…but you’re not there yet. Better luck next time. I still love you, though.

EDIT: 11:58 EST Check out Britney’s Tweets during the West Coasting airing of Glee. Someone really needs to teach her how to live-tweet an event. I mean c’mon, chiquita.

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