The Good Wife: Alicia Florrick, Superwoman

This post is the first in a series highlighting SUPERWOMAN TV characters. These characters are not afraid to channel their feminine power to get ahead in their careers and kick ass on a consistent basis without becoming a female stereotype. You know the type, no intelligence, and solely sleeping with their bosses to move up … Continue reading

Law and Order: California Love?

After last week’s two episode season premiere of Law and Order: SVU, I’m so excited for tonight’s episode. Law and Order always has a way to make you think you know what’s going to happen but then delivering a plot twist at the most unexpected moment. It may seem like an obvious thing to point … Continue reading

Entertainment News: Show cancellations, What’s next for Glee

According to E! News Online, Fox’s “Lone Star” is out, after only two episodes. Starring Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s estranged father, and critically acclaimed actor) and James Wolk, “Lone Star” apparently didn’t get the ratings it needed to satisfy advertisers and Fox executives. Did anyone watch this show? I know one of my best friends … Continue reading

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