Entertainment News: Show cancellations, What’s next for Glee

According to E! News Online, Fox’s “Lone Star” is out, after only two episodes.

Starring Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie’s estranged father, and critically acclaimed actor) and James Wolk, “Lone Star” apparently didn’t get the ratings it needed to satisfy advertisers and Fox executives. Did anyone watch this show? I know one of my best friends R, told me he watched it and really liked it. Goes to show you that in the TV “rat race”, only numbers matter. Womp, womp. Sorry, love. What other shows do you think will be canceled this season?? My vote is out for Life Unexpected (CW) and The Apprentice (NBC).

E! Online also gave us a preview of what’s to come next this season for Glee. Yes, obviously I’m obsessed with Glee, since this will be the 3rd post within 2 days. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE:

Gwyneth Paltrow will be guesting on Glee as a love interest for Will, and Fox has now officially confirmed it. Gwyneth will play a substitute teacher for at least two episodes, airing in November. Expect  at least three or four songs from her. And news flash: Girlfriend can sing!Wondering when John Stamos will have his spotlight? He told us recently he was “dancing all day…on Glee. I had to slide, so I was on my knees the whole time.” And that was for the Rocky Horror tribute, which is set to air around Halloween. Word is, he’ll have more than his fair share of singing and dancing in that episode.

I personally can’t wait to see John Stamos, my childhood, greasy haired, leather jacket wearing fantasy shake his booty with Matthew Morrison (Will Shuester) in an epic battle for Emma’s attention. I literally die for both of them. What are YOU looking forward to?
Source: E! News Online

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