This Week in Review: I’m done with these shows.

Short post today, because it’s the weekend and there’s lots to be done before we all sit down for the epic Sunday nights, full of Dexter, Boardwalk Empire…and Keeping up with Kardashians. đŸ™‚

Its been two weeks since the Fall 2010 season has started, so we’ve all had at least two episodes of each so (give or take) to give these new shows a chance. With that said, I’m officially done with Undercovers (NBC), and Law and Order: LA (NBC). As far as I’m concerned these shows should be, and will be canceled by the end of the year. Who wants to make a bet?

There’s not much to say about my reasoning. The actors are horrible. Just because they picked attractive cast-members, doesn’t mean it’s bound to be a good show. Undercovers was so bad, that halfway through the 2nd episode, I just gave up and stopped watching. The plot is SO unrealistic, and the sexual chemistry between the two leads is unbearably forced. I can’t. Done.

Law and Order: LA tried really hard to capture the hearts of original L&O fans, and failed miserably. Nobody cares about the white collar crimes of fictional Hollywood celebrities. Seriously. And I don’t like that bald guy with the mustache. Like my best friend, A says, bald guys shouldn’t have mustaches. It makes you look like a pedophile. Gross. Skeet Ulrich is yummy, but that wasn’t enough to carry the show. The plot was boring, and the acting was bad. Over it. Done with that too.
Way to go NBC. Is there anything they’ve put out this season that’s worth watching? What shows are you quitting?

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