Real Housewives of Atlanta: “Real” Drama.

Hey guys, I want to briefly introduce Kris G., my friend for a few years, and a TV Insider. She’s got the scoop, and all the craziness about what we see as “reality” TV. This week, she reminds us of what happened last season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I, sadly totally forgot to record it on my DVR! Enjoy! xx – Faith

BOOM! It’s time, once again, for the Real Tacky Housewives of Atlanta! All I can think right now is “Who gon’ check me boo”? I’m ready, are you?

Last season left us wondering:

“Will Nene and Kim become friends again”? –  Not in the same way that we want Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin to become friends, but the same way we want Kelly Bensimon to become friends with the other ladies of Real Housewives of NYC…just so we can see them break down again. Ah, the joy of watching other people’s lives become complete and utter hot messes, it’s really kind of sad.

“How will Kandi deal with the death of her then-fiance AJ”? – Although the season ended with us seeing both AJ and Kandi working through the difficulties with Kandi’s mother, we all heard about his death. It was front page news on for heavens sakes. Who woulda thought that a girl from a 90’s group that had only a few hits would still be relevant 15 years later? Problem is, it’s not for her talent. Instead, it’s that outrageous personality that clashes with one Nene Leakes that has brought her back into the spotlight.

“Will Nene and her father build a relationship”? – I’m betting a no on this one. But what about the millions of other questions we have developed about Nene over the past 8 months? Will her and Greg file for divorce? Will her son Bryson end up in jail? How about the “alleged” cheating with an NFL player? (INSERT LINK LINK DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA)

“Will Kim come out with a new song and will it top Tardy for the Party and this time be about her coming to the realization that she is now a lesbian”? – Let’s hope this part truly DOESN’T come true. I honestly don’t think I could handle Kim singing – AGAIN. The lesbian part I’d take over Big Poppa ANY DAY. Any woman who sleeps with a married man, in my book, is a triflin ho. Yes, ya’ll – I judge.
What about Lisa…wait. What about her? She has got to be the only half way sane person on RHOATL, which basically means, she’s not worthy of mention.

Moving on – We found out a few months ago that Bravo has officially replaced Lisa with two new females. Seems to me there is only one I’m going to be truly interested in. The one who is married to a convict and pregnant! Bring on the drama cause my day has been hard! I can’t wait to rip these ladies to shreds and then go back to my false belief that I am perfect.
Let’s go!

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