Glee: The New Directions didn’t go breakin’ my heart tonight!

Looks like Glee is back to its regularly scheduled programming, and its refreshing. I’ve missed the competition within the New Directions. I actually prefer it over their competitions against other schools. Who cares about other schools? I want to find out more about these kids and what better way to accomplish that than watching how they pair themselves up into Duets?? SO EXCITING.

This storyline allowed each cast member to shine without one upstaging the other. Last season, I wanted to see less of Finn and Rachel, this season I was itching to see the other cast members, but thus far I was sick of the overly-exaggerating story lines.

Santana and Mercedes probably have the best voice combination in the entire Glee club. Their rendition of Ike and Tina Turner’s “River Deep, Mountain High” was the best duet of the entire show. I don’t understand why they didn’t win. Let’s not even try to pull the race card with this one…but for real…they were FIRE. A+. I wanna be Santana when I grow up. I love, love, love her. You go, Ms. Lopez.

Kurt proved to us that the writers aren’t painting him into some gay stereotype who goes around hitting on every piece of fresh meat that comes around. I loved the scene with him and Burt where he asks Kurt if maybe he’s being the bully in this situation. I didn’t really appreciate that Finn guilted Kurt out of singing with Sam just out of fear of being bullied. I thought that was a bad message to send. Especially with all the stories of bulling in high schools/colleges lately. Not cool.

I am not impressed with Finn jumping onto Rachel’s train of jealous and conniving (though I DO love me some Elton John and Kiki Dee). With their behavior in recent episodes, I wouldn’t be upset if they were left out of a storyline altogether. They annoy me right now. Let’s see if they can make it up to me. It’ll take a lot more than a great musical number, I’ll tell you that much.With You, I’m Born Again by Billy Preston? Seriously? I’m with you, Mercedes, “This isn’t happening.” I get they were trying purposefully bad and offensive…but that shit was just godawful. Literally.

I was happy that we were going to see Mike and Tina in their own scene, but I didn’t like that Mike cheated by not having to sing. What’s the point of him being there? Can he sing? Does he just lip synch during ensemble numbers? Now that I think about it, Tina didn’t really sing herself either. I’m also annoyed because that was the first song in the history of Glee that I didn’t know. WTF is that song?

Sam and Quinn were SO CUTE with Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Their dynamic throughout this whole episode was absolutely adorable, and its so nice to see Quinn on the road to happiness now that she’s no longer a bitch. I must admit though, my dental fillings started to irritate me from the SACCHARINE SWEETNESS radiating from them. I also appreciated that Quinn acknowledged she wasn’t about to jump his bones because of all the baby mamma drama she was involved with last year. Kudos to her for wanting to concentrate solely on her. I want her and Sam together though, even though they look alarmingly like brother and sister (WTF?) BTW How funny was his Matthew McConaughey impression?

Looks like Artie got his Just Desserts after treating Tina like a piece of shit. That’s what happens when you treat women like crap, my dude. You get stomped on. I kinda feel bad for him losing his virginity to Brittnay. I mean how many people has she slept with?

I have mixed feelings about the Happy Days Are Here Again duet with Kurt and Rachel. I mean if I hear one more Barbara Streisand song out of Rachel’s mouth, I think I just might kill myself. Thank god for Kurt or I’m sure I would have thrown my Logitech Harmony remote into my parents’ TV. BOO RACHEL. I AM OVER YOUR LOVE AFFAIR WITH BARBARA STREISAND. SHUT UP.

BTW…what’s good with Santana and Mercedes’ girl on girl action?? And apparently Puck is in jail? LOL.

All-in-all, this episode was a breath of fresh air, but didn’t back pedal so far into the story lines of last season. I was left thoroughly satisfied…although I missed Sue Sylvester. Wah.

2 Responses to “Glee: The New Directions didn’t go breakin’ my heart tonight!”
  1. krizgee says:

    The best song tonight was Sing! by Tina and Mike in my opinion =) But I’ve always loved that song! So I think I’m a bit biased! It’s from the musical A Chorus Line. I used to BEG BEG BEG our choir teacher to let us sing it in HS….to no avail. =(

  2. krizgee says:

    Oh and I have to say, TOTALLY agree on the Finn and Rachel front. The last few episodes they have been UTTERLY annoying. Boo!

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