RHOA: Is anyone on this show ever going to keep it real?


Kim Zolciak and Allison DeMarcus

Image by burningkarma via Flickr


It’s only been two weeks and yet I feel like already I’ve been with the Atlanta ladies for a few months already. Anyone else? I also feel like I know Phaedra, inside and out. I’ve met chicks like her before, mostly industry chicks. They deal with a few celebrities, hang with a few D-listers and all of a sudden their shit don’t stink. Kill me.

Speaking of “industry chicks”, since when did Kim become a pop star?! Did she really refer to herself as one? This has got to be a joke. Not only is her workout a joke but so is her “assistant” (and that played out weave). You don’t work out religiously and get a belly like that girl. You just don’t. Must be all of the free beer.

Tip: That free beer wasn’t handed out due to  Kim having a song out, it was handed out because she is a reality star and the cameras were around. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the assistant actually went inside (obviously the cameras didn’t follow) and paid for two beers. What I WAS surprised about was the two ladies then drinking outside in public. Eh, I guess I shouldn’t have been. Kim is trash. Trash is always on the side of the street stinking up the place.

Moving on, it is pretty clear why they chose Cynthia to be a new housewife. Sure sure, I’m sure she brings ton of her own drama but the overall factor here is Nene.

After the Nene love-fest of season 1, she quickly declined in viewers eyes. Nene’s head was so big last season that she lost a lot of her original fan base, including some of her castmates as friends. Nene WAS/IS the star of this show in Bravo’s eyes, what better way to help her gain back some of her fanbase by bringing a “friend” of hers along to help us see that she clearly is a complex woman who deserves to be adored?

Basically, it gives Nene someone to talk to and tell her side of the story, rather than just talking directly to us through interviews. As far as I’m concerned it might’ve seemed more realistic.

On another note, I appreciate Cynthia. I find her, at first glance at least, to be a strong beautiful black woman who seems educated. I can dig that. I think her and Nene are polar opposites but I guess only time will tell.

Switching emotions for a minute, let’s visit  hurt and pain. Nene melted my heart in her discussion with Bryson. This seemed like the most realistic scene of two people interacting on RHOA that I’ve seen yet this season. When I was growing up, if my parents were mad at me, I didn’t really care. If my parents told me they were disappointed in me and I was hurting them? Oh man, all bad manners were out the window and I was groveling at their feet.

This scene truly broke my heart. We do have to look at it from Bryson’s point of view however. He is being cajoled and yelled at ON CAMERA and he sits there and takes it. He is a man who has to have some sort of pride. He didn’t ask to be thrown in the spotlight of reality TV, yet because his mother chose it, he too has to live with the consequences of his face being strewn across every blog site in America whenever he gets in trouble. Although, I’m sure he is also loving all of the free booty he is getting from all of the young ladies who consider him a “tv star”.

I believe the producers of RHOA are painting Nene in a different light this season. They want us to go back to loving her. She is definitely a huge personality and really had C list star power so I am kind of rooting for her. It doesn’t pay for Bravo to have only people that we love to hate on a show. In order for a reality show to work there has to be a “Team vs. Team” spirit (ala Team Jill vs. Team Alex, from the New York City show).

This episode was all about heart-to-hearts. Nene has officially let her guard down and once again, I felt the scene between her and Dwight was truthful. I’m not sure where their relationship will go. Part of me wants to google it to find out if they are still talking, but I can’t wait to find out along with the rest of you!

Until next week, where we get to see Kim pretend to be Lady Gaga and having delusions of grandeur where every gay man hits on her….I bid you goodbye!

One Response to “RHOA: Is anyone on this show ever going to keep it real?”
  1. Nzinga says:

    Where oh where do I want to begin? KIM. What the hell was going on with that wig/weave at Kandi’s performance? How many bottles of wine did she drink before she just said F-it! I guess she can’t afford a hairstylist now that she has an “assistant”.

    Speaking of beverages, Sheree was surely sipping on the haterade tonight. Did anyone else notice all the little “Zings” she threw at Kandi? Or was it just me? Talkin’ ’bout she couldn’t hear the words Kandi was singing, and how she loved Kandi way back in the day when she was with Xscape. BURN.

    I’m glad that, along with her nose, Nene’s head/ego seems to have gotten smaller. She really seems to be in pain/turmoil and that makes her human/relatable again. Now I can feel okay rooting for her.

    Phakera, well…she was in the episode. Do you think she won that case? Will they ever actually show her in court. Sheree brought up a good point that if her hubby knows a Lawrence (or a friend of his) and was in jail for 6 years he might have lil extra sugar in his Kool-Aid. Plus, his name sounds like some kind of stripper or male escort, don’t it (Poseidon, no I just looked it up it’s APOLLO – as in It’s Showtime At). Well, all I can say is Atlanta is the capital of the DL lifestyle.

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