RHOA: Phaedra Truly is the WORST!

I’m sorry y’all, I have to start this blog by discussing Phaedra’s complete lack of understanding. For her to be a lawyer she has a LOT to learn about respect. She obviously does NOT respect her husband. How did I come to this conclusion?

I am bi-racial. My mother is white and my father black. No, not African-American, he did not migrate here from Africa (another pet-peeve of mine). Let’s call a spade a spade. When you begin to differentiate parenting between different ethnic groups, you are always going to be wrong. There is always a contradiction to the rule.

If we were discussing cultural differences, I may have given her a pass. However, in this case, we are discussing AMERICAN values, between different ethnicity. This woman basically just told the entire world that all black parents whoop their children. In what world? This was a coon-ass reference if I ever heard one. How dare she speak on the entire black race as a whole.

My mother is white. She can cook just as great as the next woman. Now Phaedra is an expert on what white people eat? Is she serious?! She is a true joke. Apollo would be wise to leave her with his fine self. Not only is she a horrible person, she sounds like a horrible wife and did I mention she is ugly? Yeah, I said it.

Can you tell I’m mad? I better just keep it moving…Needless to say, I dislike this woman very much and I do feel extremely sorry for Apollo and their future child. Anyway, this is a classic example of Bravo producers doing the right thing, bringing in a new “character” for us all to hate. Congrats, job well done. The ratings will thank you.

Pot meet kettle? Nene snickering when discussing Apollo’s jail stint was a bit …off to me. Your son just came out of jail, where is the compassion and understanding that people make mistakes? With that said, Nene has done a 180 from last season and is truly becoming the Nene I grew to love in the first season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I did find her conversation with her son to be touching, yet again. Go ‘head Nene Leakes! You may once again be able to rack up 10G’s in appearances at local clubs around the US! Get that money girl!

Kim – Lady Gaga. Hey, don’t blame me for the comparison I’m about to make, please blame Kandi, thanks. The bottom line in this episode was ‘if Kim THINKS she is Lady Gaga, she’ll act like her’. They both put on a show when the cameras are around, albeit in different ways. I highly doubt Kim would have been rolling around and wasting the money on a limo and a lambo if the cameras weren’t there. Another reality tv stunt whore!

Sidebar: Is it a requirement that in order to work for Kim you must have a bad weave/wig? Someone please please call up Sweetie and hook her hair up. For the love of all that is sacred in reality tv, do NOT come on my screen looking like that! You scared my cat (that I don’t have)!

While I agree with Kandi on her assessment of Kim’s performance, she probably should watch what she says. A lot of people are going to say she is jealous of Kim. Now, I know this isn’t true. She may be a bit bitter about the money issue, but jealous? No. She is successful in her own right, even if her last few songs sucked balls.

Kim DID look great in that outfit. Not her breasts, but her legs. On another note, I don’t want to be tardy for work so I must bid you all goodnight!

Until next week! Oh..wait…Cynthia…who? Boring.



One Response to “RHOA: Phaedra Truly is the WORST!”
  1. Nzinga says:

    Can somebody please tell me who in the hell Phaekra thinks she is? And when did she become an expert on the cultural differences in familial backgrounds in America? I wanted to literally jump through the tv screen and slap the shit outta her when she made that ignorant comment about white kids being brought up on canned food. Who says that? I can’t even go there because – being mixed – this is such a touchy topic for me. All I can say is she showed her true ignorant colors. And proves that racism is a 2-way street.

    Kim is doing a great job of continuing to further her “Hot Mess” brand. She’s outta control, foul-mouthed, and nowhere near a lady. But she’s having fun. Kandi is not doing herself any service by associating with her. And here’s why: She always has her nose-turned up at Kim, or some side comment to make about her. All those little cutting things are adding up and going to make people question whether she’s truly Kim’s friend or foe. I honestly don’t understand the relationship; haven’t from the beginning. Actually, I never cared for Kandi from the beginning. She doesn’t strike me as being “Real”. Maybe being in front of the cameras like this isn’t natural for her. Either way, I’m not buying what she’s selling.

    Nene and that puppy dog. Oh Dear. Are you serious with the diapers? As far as Cynthia, still trying to figure out her purpose.

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