Glee: We Want To Be In a Kissing Booth With Blaine

All of these months of hiatus from blogging from the world of television came about because of my lack of inspiration. This came to a screeching HALT tonight after Glee rocked my world.

First and foremost, can we briefly discuss the fact that although I usually am not a fan of Valentine’s Day…I LOVED the love song theme of this episode? They gave us P.Y.T. by MJ, Firework by Katy Perry, Fat Bottom Girls by Queen, and When I Get You Alone by Robin Thicke. I was literally SCREAMING for each and every single number for a whole bunch of different reasons. The cast gets an A+ for performance execution and vocals for this week.

Now, lets talk plot line. Sigh. I really don’t like this new cocky version of Finn. I also am not sure if I appreciate the fact that now Finn is trying to get Quinn to cheat on Sam (as she pointed out) while simultaneously crucifying Rachel for doing the same to him. Lame. Finn, you’re a loser right now. Like I said on Twitter though, cute homage to Peanuts with the kissing booth, but we’d much prefer a kissing booth with Blaine. Step your game up, Finn.

I adore the relationship between Lauren and Puck. How hilarious are they? Lauren totally is a bad ass, and Puck’s bad boy swag has me swooning every time he opens his mouth (yes, I have a thing for bad boys…it’s one of my flaws…shut up).

If you haven’t already heard I am Santana’s biggest fan. She’s beautiful, talented and sassy…but getting infected with mono to pass it to Quinn/Finn? That’s just gross on so many levels. I guess we’re lucky though that it wasn’t an STD. But wait, this is network television…that would have only happened if this were an HBO show. Regardless, Santana never f
ails to be a huge beeyotch on a consistent basis…which is another reason I love her. I don’t, however, appreciate the Latina stereotypes she perpetuates…but that’s for another blog post.

I’ve also ranted before about how much I hate Artie. He went up a few ranks in my book because he sang P.Y.T. My favorite Michael Jackson song OF ALL time. Where is his plotline though? As a matter of fact, where are all the others’ plot lines? I want/need more of Brittnay S. Pierce in my life. I want to find out more about Mercedes. The show totally uses them for their performance chops and forgets about them during plot lines.

Rachel. Oh, Rachel. You are annoying as all hell. Like I explained to my friend Tos, Lea Michele is TRUE glamor definition, but Rachel needs to sit down before I kill her. Lea BELTED it out for Firework. Just like Darren Criss annihilated Teenage Dream, Lea killed another Katy Perry song, allowing me to draw the following conclusion: Katy Perry’s repertoire should be split evenly among Lea Michele, Darren Criss….and Kelly Clarkson (like my friend Calvin once pointed out, causing a light bulb to go on in my brain). Think about this conclusion please, and get back to me with your thoughts.

I approve of Rachel taking some time to embrace being single. Sometimes, a girl just has to embrace the single life and use it as a time to better herself and her career. I am proud of her for not begging. Finn ain’t worth it, honey.

That leaves us (plot-wise) with the relationship between Kurt and Blaine. Swoon. I love them together. I am ecstatic about how Glee producers/writers are allowing their plot to slowly thicken. It’s about time we have a realistic gay couple on network television without slutting them out. I am a total fangirl for Blaine (Darren Criss), and Kurt is absolutely adorable and likable as a character. This is the TV couple to root for in 2011. I thought Kurt was going to die and crawl into a little hole of rejection after Blaine’s serenade in the Gap. Kurt totally took the understanding high road and used it as a way to relate and empathize with Blaine. Bravo. I love, love, love them.

As a future hairdresser, I want to point out how amazingly different Brittnay (Heather Morris) looks with her hair down. So much better, right? Also, did you all know she danced with Beyonce during her I Am tour? She is the “Single Lady” on Beyonce’s left, puttin a ring on it like no other white girl can. She’s got the moves and the looks.

You guys may have noticed I didn’t write about Sunday night’s episode. Well, that’s because I thought it was horrible. Completely, and utterly forced. I don’t know much about much…but I am PRETTY positive that episode was filmed as an afterthought. Think about it…there was no relevancy to the linear plot line of the show. And it was annoyingly infused with Football/Cheerleader drama. Also, did you guys like how Bills, Bills, Bills (Destiny’s Child) sung by the Warblers had nothing to do with the entire episode?? I’d like to forget Sunday night’s Glee episode, and chalk it up to Ryan Murphy and the rest of the Glee geniuses having to cow tow to Fox executives to pull in post Super Bowl ratings. I’m calling a do over.

Did you all see the previews to next week’s installment? Justin Bieber? Really? Like Tos pointed out, the show has officially began to JUMP THE SHARK. How far are the Glee execs going to go to appease every version of payola? Payola meaning….I know you HAD to recognize that the Biebster is being included next week because of his Never Say Never release? I can’t. More about this next week.

With all of that said, welcome back to the site, y’all! You better come back for more next week with Glee…and stay tuned for more TV. Because I Have A Degree In This (like my friend Kimberlee says) and ‘afores I ends you (like Santana said tonight).


– F

…By the way, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@TheFaithShow) to get second by second commentary and to discuss all Glee episodes live!

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