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I’m finding that too many people are unable to watch TV without being metaphorically SUCKED IN. TV isn’t that serious, if you know how to WATCH (not look at) with a level of CONSCIOUSNESS.

As an Assistant Editor at a publishing company by day, a TV Junkie by night, and forever plagued by my analytical nature, I truly hope to help dispel the ideology that WE ARE BEING BRAINWASHED BY THE MEDIA.

Yes, the “Media” can brainwash you…if you don’t know how to watch critically and know the difference between ENTERTAINMENT and NEWS. Or, if you are unable to recognize subtle signs within a scripted TV show…or if you can’t tell when a “Reality” show is UNREALISTIC.

I’m not an expert by any means, but as a Media Studies, Gender Studies & Journalism graduate, I hope to point out a few things about TV you maybe wouldn’t normally notice.

I too hope to learn from you as well, so please participate!




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