Finale Fever

In the land of network television, the month of May can mean only one thing. Say it with me kids, ‘Season Finale!’ Good or bad, season finales are always an interesting proposition. The fact that a creative team attempts to encapsulate an entire season of plot lines into one episode is impressive. Unfortunately, the 44-minute … Continue reading

Over & Out: The Cancellations of 2011

The verdict has been in for some time for a lot of shows, but this week brought about a spate of surprising (and not so surprising) cancellations. It’s not surprising to see a lot of these shows on the chopping block. Across the board, this was one of the weakest television seasons of the last … Continue reading

The Good Wife: Alicia Florrick, Superwoman

This post is the first in a series highlighting SUPERWOMAN TV characters. These characters are not afraid to channel their feminine power to get ahead in their careers and kick ass on a consistent basis without becoming a female stereotype. You know the type, no intelligence, and solely sleeping with their bosses to move up … Continue reading

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