The Walking Dead: In the Family Way

The family is the nucleus of civilization. — William J. Durant Husband and wife. Father and son. Brothers and sisters. This week, the Walking Dead put family front and center. We were treated to the reunion of Rick with his family, while little sister Amy was overjoyed at the return of older sister Andrea. Furthermore, … Continue reading

The Walking Dead: No Guts, No Story

While giving us an episode that is a full 180 degrees from the amazing first installment, the Walking Dead dazzles with character development derived from action and suspense. I was nervous that this episode wouldn’t meet the high bar set by the first but, in some ways, it actually surpassed it. We got a fresh … Continue reading

The Walking Dead: A new show about Zombies on AMC?

On Sunday night  I sat down in my bedroom, switched on the television and flipped around for a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see the last few minutes of the Dawn of the Dead remake. It was a free for all of zombies and gunplay on an unparalled level. Bullets! Brains! Explosions! Escapes! Ving … Continue reading

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