Glee: We Can’t Wait for Kurt to Kiss Blaine…and More!

The moment all us Gleeks having been waiting for is upon us! The Return of Glee to Television this Sunday! And what a way to return with a post-superbowl extravaganza. Now we all know Glee doesn’t do anything small, so be prepared for some awesome numbers and choreography this Sunday! But what about the rest of the season? What should we expect for the latter half of Season 2? More auto-tune? More Gay? More Blaine? YES, YES, and YES I say. But there’s much to look forward to. So here is a preview (both confirmed and rumored) of what’s in store for the kids at Mckinley High!

Old Relationships:

As Finn and Rachel continue their split up drama, will some old love interests come back into both their lives? Quite possible. We will see the return of Puckleberry (Puck and Rachel) as well as a possible revisit of Finn and Quinn? Uh Oh. Where does that leave Ken…er, I mean Sam? Let’s also hope that no babies are involved this time, please. Also, let’s watch for the return of a character that was much loved last season and is now public enemy No. 1 this season. Which leads me to…


Jesse St. James. Yes. The bitch is back folks. Jonathan Groff has been confirmed as a guest star for a couple of episodes of Glee this spring. Will he back to torture the Glee kids and Rachel? Or is it (as I think it is) his redemption song? Let’s face it, what ended up happening to Jesse’s story at the end of season 1 was jaw-dropping, with the egg smash heard round the world. But because Jonathan Groff is so beloved in both the Glee Universe and the Broadway Universe, he must return! And I think he will be back to finally make amends with Rachel for what he did. There may be a twist here and there and another fling for Rachel here and there, but in the end this will be Jonathan’s proper send-off from Glee that was taken from him by the writers last season.

And speaking of redemption, I think we should also expect some more redemption of Rachel Berry. Let’s face it, Rachel has become so disgusting this season. With her crying, selfishness, delusions of grandeur, and cheating. But at the end of the day, Rachel is the lead actress and heroine of the story. I think we will see a redemption arc with her story where she finally grows up for real. And I think the person who will help her with this will be the one she hurt first this season, Sunshine Corazon (Charice). It won’t come easy. Be prepared for a MOTHER-F@#%ING SING OFF, BITCHES! And of course every redemption story needs a happy ending, so let’s be ready for Rachel and Finn to be back together by the time spring rolls around.

The Kurt Hummel Show:

Like it or not, Kurt is now a major player on Glee. Chris Colfer’s Golden Globe award solidified that. So be ready for more Kurt-centric episodes. Most likely all these episodes will wrap up his bullying arc and hopefully lead to his return to William Mckinley High where he truly belongs. There is much unfinished business to explore with his tormentor, Dave Karofsky. I don’t mind these Kurt episodes, because it means MORE DARREN CRISS! Which is a great thing. This half-season we will be seeing alot of Blaine as he solidifies his part in the Glee World as he prepares to move into a featured cast member for season 3 and not just a guest star as he will be for the rest of this season.

Love is in the Air:

And speaking of Kurt and Blaine, CAN THEY KISS ALREADY?! Although I’m very happy the way the writers are slowly developing their relationship, we better see some nookie by the middle of the season. They can’t continue to tease us like this! Kurt and Blaine are the Power Couple of the LGBT teen revolution that is currently happening in pop culture. We will definitely be seeing alot more of their story this season.

But what about Artie/Brittany and Tina/Mike Chang? Will their relationships flourish or fizzle? Are Artie and Tina still meant to be? And when will Mercedes finally get a love interest? AND FOR THAT MATTER WHEN WILL MERCEDES HAVE HER OWN STORYLINE THAT DOESN’T INVOLVE BEING HEAVY? Also, I would love to see the show explore Santana and Brittany’s bisexuality more. Let’s hope the writers explore all the Glee characters this half-season.

Guest Stars Galore:

LOTS OF CONFIRMED AND RUMORED GUEST STARS! Katie Couric, Charice, Cheyenne Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Kristin Chenoweth, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Anne Hathaway just to name a few. EXCITING STUFF! 🙂

The Faculty:

Will Sue Sylvester finally find true love and bring down the Glee kids once and for all? Does it even matter what happens anymore with Sue? Whenever she is on-screen the world stops. Jane Lynch commands that much power on the show.

What about Will and Emma? Can they rekindle their flame or is Emma destined to spend her life with Uncle Jesse? Let’s just say, be prepared for Will to play the field more with other ladies and of course his ex-wife Terri will have a BIG impact this season to make his life miserable.

Actual Glee Competion:

Ryan Murphy promised Gleeks that the season finale would be at nationals in New York. So does this mean that the kids will finally win Regionals? Where does that leave the Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline? And where will that leave Blaine? And how are they gonna get all the way to a nationals storyline in 14 episodes? Let’s hope they can do it. I’m just excited for all the music that will be coming up! Gaga, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, etc.

And that’s what you shouldn’t miss…on…GLEE!

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